Rialya Tech is an energetic and growing company with 30 plus years of industry experience. We have countless cases of identifying and helping reduce costs as well as increasing productivity on a large scale.

For one of our most recent projects, we helped our client redesign their new datacenter by rebuilding their network with Cisco switches and transitioning them onto the newest version of VMware. In addition, we moved their current data to an all-flash array while combining it with HPE blades to increase their networking performance. We also helped architect a colocation site equipped with power and connectivity redundancy, which enabled the client to run their current environment out of the site in the event of a disaster.

We assisted a Missouri client, which has 17,000 users worldwide, by creating a standard build of desktops, laptops and applications. The hardware arrived ready to use with asset tags and preloaded client-specific software, giving them the ability to keep track of equipment and help reduce the downtime between refreshes. We set up an e-commerce site with pre-populated carts to streamline purchasing for their satellite locations.

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