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Strategic Security Services

We Promote a Strategy of Readiness and Resilience! Operating a business in today’s digitized world requires constant diligence to ensure you are relatively protected from all manner of cyber threats. Cybersecurity is never a “set it and forget it” activity, because threats, means, and motives continually evolve. Attacks and viruses come in all shapes and sizes. Eventually, every organization becomes a target. Your security strategy should include a proactive, ongoing approach to assessing risk and changing business conditions and continually improving your defensive practices. At Rialya Tech, we approach security strategy from two primary perspectives:

  • Your Organizational Culture – Your business mission and objectives, your management philosophy, your existing and desired capabilities, and your risks.
  • Security Best Practices – We leverage proven, flexible frameworks that drive strategy to meet regulatory, geographic and contractual requirements for security practices and data privacy protection. We believe that these frameworks not only help enable compliance efforts, but when implemented correctly, help you achieve the security goals of READINESS AND RESILIENCE.

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Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

Risk Assessment is the single most important factor in determining an appropriate cybersecurity strategy for your organization. A Risk Assessment tells you where you may be vulnerable to attack. Management should understand the full scope of dangers that can adversely affect your business. These threats may include:

  • Cyber Threats,
  • Potential for Natural or Man-Made Disasters,
  • Regulatory Pressures,
  • Reputational damage,
  • System Vulnerabilities, and
  • Vendor Liabilities

Once we have a prioritized understanding of RISK, we can work with you to effectively define a strategy that prepares you for potential disruption and minimizes the impact.

Security and Data Governance Strategy

We implement Policy and help drive organizational changes to ensure consistent data governance practices.

We’ll help you design a program that:

  • Keeps management informed of security posture, supported actionable metrics
  • Inventories and categorizes data and data flows
  • Defines record retention and destruction standards
  • Acknowledges and mitigates business risk
  • Implements controls and systems to help you manage security and privacy threats
  • Assigns security and privacy responsibilities throughout the organization
  • Implements vendor security practices to protect your data is protected when shared
  • Complies with legal regulations and contractual obligations
  • Promotes organization wide security awareness and readiness
Policy and Procedure Creation

Security Policies state management’s intent and set the tone for a security-aware environment.

  • We write security and data privacy policies in line with your selected security frameworks, best practices, regulatory requirements and your organizational culture.
  • We provide guidance on Policy implementation, change management and organizational adoption.  We educate your management on the importance of these policies, and help define procedures that operationalize the stated Policy objectives.
  • We train your personnel on critical Policy terms and conditions and their adherence responsibilities.
Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Planning

If disaster strikes your organization, how confident are you that you can recover?

  • Are you keeping backups of your hardware and software configurations and critical data?  When was the last time you tested your ability to restore systems and data?
  • Do you have a backup generator to keep your data center lit during a significant power disruption?
  • Is your data center equipped with the right fire suppression equipment?
  • What is the process for declaring a Disaster?  Who holds the authority to make that decision?
  • How long can your business afford to be out of commission before all hope is lost?  Do contractual obligations exceed your expected restoration capabilities?  When, and how do you notify your customers of the disruption?
  • Have you considered natural and man made disasters?  What if your home office is destroyed?  What if your primary data center is destroyed?
  • How will you notify your employees of next steps?
  • Have you moved systems to the cloud?  Do you feel more or less confident that your systems are adequately insulated from the threat of disaster?
  • If your organization becomes the target of a ransomware attack, what is your strategy?

Rialya Tech consultants have wide ranging experience developing, implementing, training and testing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans and programs.  Regardless of whether you host your systems in your own data center, you use 100% cloud-based systems or you operate a hybrid mix, we can help you develop a Contingency Program that minimizes the impact of disruption, meets required Service Level Agreements and adheres to best practices for Risk management.

Privacy Program Management

If your organization processes privacy data either of your employees or external data subjects, you are likely subject to various legal mandates to protect that data.  A Privacy Program encompasses the organization’s strategy, procedures and operational controls to protect the data in its care. A wide variety of privacy regulations may affect your business, depending on the data you process. PCI DSS, GLBA, HIPAA, EU GDPR are but a few of the acronyms for governing regulations, which all take different approaches to the protection of personal data. Rialya Tech can help you define a strategy that encompasses:

  • Assessment of risk for various data sources, data elements and users,
  • Establishment of legal authority or purpose to process Personally Identifiable Information (PII),
  • Privacy Policies / Notification and Consent Forms for public use,
  • Definition of organizational roles and committees that maintain privacy protection responsibilities,
  • Privacy-enhanced network design,
  • Data minimization or tokenization tactics of personal data, in accordance with legal requirements,
  • Privacy data breach response and disclosures,
  • Privacy governance agreements with vendors and business partners, which define rules of behavior, data sharing guidelines and include your right to audit your partners’ privacy controls, and
  • Privacy Awareness Training

If you are just starting to think about a Privacy Program, you need to refresh an existing strategy, or you need a point solution to address one of the topics listed above, contact us at Rialya Tech today. We can help.

Personnel Security Guidance

We work with your Human Resource Administrator to explore existing personnel management security procedures. We help mitigate the unique risks that insiders may present through accidental or negligent behavior.  We engineer controls to limit employee access to confidential data, based on a “Principle of Least Privilege.”  We implementing protocols to ensure your employees and contractors understand their roles in recognizing cyber threats and defending your interests.

  • Employment pre-screening,
  • Security awareness,
  • Departmental Transfer, Sanction, and Termination Protocols
Security and Privacy Awareness Training

A 2017 study of Small-Medium Business (SMB), conducted by the Ponemon Institute, found that 54% of all data breaches were caused by negligent employee behavior, which may be accidental (the subject of a phishing attack) or intentional (data theft).  “Insiders” may be:

  • Negligent users
  • Careless or uninformed users
  • Malicious users (espionage, malicious activity)
  • Insiders are impossible to secure (the one data container that cannot be secured)
  • Start as trusted employee, who has become disenfranchised

The one common factor is that at some point, the Insider held authorized credentials to access your systems environment.

Security Awareness is a vital component of a security strategy.

  • We educate employees about cyber threats and what cyber attack indicators look like.
  • We teach personnel how to respond to attacks, report suspected Incidents and provide them with tactics to protect your organization’s interests and their personal identities.
  • We inform personnel of strategic and operational practices you have implemented to defend your organization and comply with regulatory requirements.

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