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Secure Asset Disposal

As information volumes continue to grow, the risk of loss or breach increases as well. You need to be sure you can dispose of your assets that contain personal or sensitive information, regardless of format: paper, media, hard drives and other IT assets.

With Rialya Tech secure destruction services, you can benefit from a comprehensive destruction program that’s convenient, compliant and sustainable. Our programs are tailored to your specific requirements and can include onsite, offsite or one-time shredding, as well as e-waste and IT asset disposition services.

Rialya Tech secure destruction services can help your organization to:

  • Reduce risk
  • Enhance compliance
  • Protect your brands reputation

Services We Provide

Secure Shredding

Choose from onsite, offsite or one-time secure shredding options to destruct your paper documents, plastics and electronic media in a secure, convenient and environmentally friendly way.

Secure e-Waste and IT Asset (SITAD) Disposition

Establish a secure, compliant and reliable process to prepare, transport and destroy your IT media and other e-waste.

Destruction Projects

Develop an enterprise IT Asset Disposition program that securely disposes of IT assets and potentially turns old equipment into new revenue streams.

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