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With Rialya Tech Managed Services, our technical specialists can monitor, manage and support your entire IT environment, providing a single point of contact for your technology needs. Businesses that choose managed IT services can save time, reduce operational costs, become more productive and free up resources to focus on growing the business. We offer graduated levels of service designed to meet the unique needs of each business.

Operations Service Desk

Available 24x7x365 for systems monitoring, opening and managing trouble tickets, service requests, and patch and change management scheduling.

Systems Monitoring

Our Operations Service Desk uses remote monitoring technology to keep an eye on IT infrastructure 24x7x365 and proactively identify issues before they become a problem. The service desk monitors and alerts on a variety of parameters and thresholds, then escalates back to the client or Rialya Tech for remediation depending on SLA.

Business Service Management

Aligns IT services and support with critical business applications such as ERP, e-mail, CRM, eCommerce, Web and VoIP. We can give the LOB manager, application manager or IT support team not only server availability information, but we can also provide them with performance information about all of the technology elements that support the application, from communications and networking to storage and server availability. When applications encounter performance issues due to their supporting infrastructure, it’s easier to quickly identify and resolve the problem that is causing the slowdown of critical business applications.

Systems Management

Keeps the systems up-to-date with the latest fixes and patches. Updates are applied remotely, helping to ensure the highest availability of critical infrastructure systems. With remote monitoring and management of your on-premise technology, Rialya Tech engineers can perform the majority of server management functions, except for those few activities that require a person to physically touch the systems. In those cases, your on-site staff can be utilized to assist with hands-on requirements.

Systems Support

Whether it is for remediation of service alerts from our monitoring service or responses to calls made to the help desk, client services engineers can provide timely responses to IT support needs to augment the capabilities of your current staff or even, depending on SLA, eliminate the challenges associated with having to hire additional technical employees. Certified service engineers can cover the spectrum of infrastructure technology including industry-standard servers, desktops, operating systems, storage, and networks.

Customer Portal

This secure web-accessible portal for clients’ access offers reporting and monitoring information for your managed systems.

Additional Services

  • Application Management
  • Performance Management and Capacity Planning Using Industry Best Practices
  • Scheduled Site Visits

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